It is vital that you be able to see in the dark; not only for your own safety, but for the safety of others. How else besides your headlights are you going to see or be seen at night or in inclement weather? Headlights are some of the most vital safety and security components on your vehicle. The better they are taken care of, the longer they last and the more secure you can feel at night.

By taking care of your lights I mean regularly making sure that they are working properly and also making sure that your headlight housings are not hazy. Checking headlights is as simple as turning them on in your garage and seeing if both sides are emitting light. If you don’t have a garage, you can either point them at any wall or just get out and check quickly. Hazy headlights are a common problem and solutions are as varied as buying a dedicated cleaner, using polishing compound or, as I’ve even heard, using toothpaste. Just rub some of whatever you choose to use into the headlight and let it set. Then wipe it off. It may take a couple of attempts depending on the strength of the solution, but the difference between having hazy headlights and clear headlights is…well, night and day.

If a headlight is burnt out, don’t worry. Changing them is an easy process (and usually outlined in your owner’s manual). All you need is to find the right headlights for your vehicle. Bulbs are easy enough to find and come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs. A good selection can be found on this Web site. The main thing you have to remember when changing your headlight bulbs is that you should never touch the bulb with your skin. The oils from your skin can make the headlight burn out faster and that will only result in your having to buy another one and start the process all over again. Wearing gloves is an easy way to keep from touching the bulb and that will be a good thing down the road.

Apart from changing your bulbs, you may want to think about upgrading your entire headlight housing. Maybe you are sick of the stock look of your vehicle and want something that will stand out from the crowd. New headlight housings will do that for you. These are direct plug-and-play applications and do wonders for making your car unique from every other one of the same make and model. This Web site has a great selection of headlight housings for many makes and models.

Getting the best out of your vehicle doesn’t have to be a laborious, never-ending project. Little simple steps like new headlights or headlight housings will go a long way toward making your car safer and look better.


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