Again with the Older Cars…Sheesh

This page got more hits in one day (yesterday) than I think I expected to ever get. I guess I will give myself a pat on the back…ok on to business. As I was saying yesterday, before I was so rudely interrupted by real work, I really prefer older car models to newer ones. Again, I’m not entirely sure why that is, but it seems to be something that humans do. My father likes the cars and music that he grew up with (though he would trade it all in for an Audi R8 – and who wouldn’t) and I seem to heading in the same direction. Is it always going to be like this? I don’t know, but I have a few more cars now that I think were better than the current versions on sale today.

The first is the Audi RS4. What a cool car. I used to think that this was the perfect car; that this was the only car anyone would ever need; and I still mostly stand by that. The car came in Avant form only – which, for those not up on that term, means wagon. This meant that you could haul around pretty much anything you wanted, and then some. Going shopping? Take the whole store with you. Packing in the kids? Why not the whole neighborhood? It really was cool that you could be driving around in this estate car and not have anyone know what was really lurking under the hood. Especially if it was debadged (another topic for another day). The only way to really know that the person next to you didn’t have an RS4 was to test their mettle. Of course the larger front spoiler with its rakish vents on the side and whale sized mouth and bigger wheels could set you off, but those can be found as body enhancers now for B5 Audi’s. No, the only true way was to see what they were made of. And the RS4 was made of a lot. It had a twin-turbo 2.7 liter engine that, when fully spooled, made 380bhp and went from naught to sixty in under 5 seconds. Now that is how to quickly get to the store. The pictures below were taken at the Nurburgring and really show how much of a sleeper this car was, and still is in Europe. It really does look like a regular A4 Avant. But again, there is that feeling that this car could do anything. It obviously has the power to make it a sports-type car, it has AWD to make it go and stop in inclement weather and winter, and it can haul everything and more. What else do you need? Let’s see…I could drive a big SUV and suck all the gas out of the world and tip over when I turn a corner and not have any fun… or I could get an RS4, drive it to the track, beat the snot out of it while having a great time, then cruise at 130mph on the Autobahn, pick up some milk from the grocery store and arrive at my mountaintop home. Hmmm. Yeah I think I’ll go with the RS4.

Now if I wanted to have even more fun, and have a car whose looks divide opinion, but whose drive was once called “the best handling car in the world” by Jeremy Clarkson. Yes, that was a whole ten years ago now (my GOD ten years!!!!????) and technology has undoubtedly moved on, but this is the type of thing that I love. This car is much better than the current Coupe that BMW makes because it is so divisive. Most people like the looks of the new Z4, whereas most people wouldn’t understand why you bought a BMW that looks like a bread van…until they ride in it. With 321 horses powering it, it wasn’t the fastest thing on four wheels, but then it doesn’t need to be. It will be looked at as a future classic (mark my words) and for that alone it deserves to be praised. I once read an article where Jenson Button drove the car and said it was the best handling road car he had ever driven (and it is probably better than his current spec Honda F1 debacle). The way it glides and slides and roars and squeals is enough to make me feel all funny inside. It really does put me in a tizzy, this car. It’s all aggressive and bulgy and rear-wheel drivey and that makes this one of the best cars that many people will have never heard of, or seen, and yet I really believe it deserves a place in the pantheon of great automobiles. This car is another one that truly belongs in my ever expanding garage. I’m sure that I will never have enough skill to ever drive this car on the limit, but if I did…whoo boy I bet it would be a laugh riot, every time.


2 responses to “Again with the Older Cars…Sheesh

  1. Man. those RS4’s are sweet. The older ones are much more affordable now. Even with a dent or two, I’d still get them. Fix it up real quick with some paintless dent removal tools and BHAM! brand spanking new. It can still take a beating in any weather condition too.

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