Take to the Wings

I enjoy modified cars. I like the way that the owners have taken a designer’s vision and made it their own. It shows that people have their own style and don’t need to follow the rest of the crowd. One way to really exemplify the car you have is to add a rear wing.

A rear wing is an easily modified part for your car that usually attaches to your trunk lid. I say usually because some cars are hatchbacks and those wings attach to the hatch at either the top or middle. Some cars even have two wings now; one on the roof and one on the trunk. There really are many possibilities if you choose to go this route.

The easiest way to describe a wing is to say that it is like putting an upside down airplane wing on your car. It provides downforce, instead of lift, which keeps your car sticking to the road as you gather speed. Most wings that you can get for your car have little overall effect on the aerodynamics, and have more to do with the style of the car. But there are some rear wings out there that do offer significant amounts of downforce for your car. These wings are usually adjustable with little knobs or bolts on the side of the wing, and are much more expensive than non-adjustable wings. However, if you frequent the track, this may be the only course that you can take. This is because that big, adjustable rear wing will help you immensely when you come upon fast sweepers and it will aid in high-speed stability. This is why Formula One cars are all swoopy and full of wings. They need it to stick to the road at incredibly high speed.

Of course there is always the other way too. The other way is to simply put a wing on for style purposes. Style wise, there is nothing wrong with having a wing. It adds to the eye candy of the car and will turn heads, if that’s what you want. If you do choose to go this route, there are myriad wings available that are both OEM and aftermarket.

OEM wings are usually more expensive (especially if they are parts that you could only get on special models or models that aren’t made anymore). But these have the added niceness factor of fitting your car perfectly. There will be no fuss or muss with a new OEM wing for your car. It will fit your car, because it was made specifically for your car. The problem with OEM wings is that somewhere, someone invariably has the same wing. If that doesn’t matter to you, then go ahead and do it. If, though, you need some differentiation from the neighbor, then an aftermarket wing is for you.

An aftermarket wing has the benefit of being slightly cheaper than a factor wing, and it also is going to make your car more unique. You may be the only one on the block, or in the whole city, that has that wing. And that is always something that will make you smile. No one within a 20 mile range has the same car as you, or maybe no one else anywhere, has the same car. That is something to write home about. And that is the great thing about going aftermarket; you can make your car look exactly how you want, which is exactly how much different it will be from the other guy’s.

A wing is a great deal of fun. It adds style, uniqueness and possibly stability at speed. I really like www.StreetBeatCustoms.com for all my wing needs. They have a great selection of rear wings that are both custom and universal. And no need to worry about materials either, because they have many to choose from, including that all important carbon fiber that every tuner really loves. Check ‘em out. They have great prices and a great customer support staff. With a new wing, you will go further than you ever thought.


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