The Obligatory Top Ten List

It is a rule of thumb that if one is talking about cars in any capacity whatsoever, that they have to have a top ten list of the cars that would be in their ultimate garage. And since I haven’t the time to actually write anything of any merit, I will submit this. Comments are welcome of course and adding your own cars is always welcome. In no particular order, my top ten list is…


  1. Subaru Forester STi
  2. BMW M3 Coupe
  3. Subaru Impreza P1
  4. Prodrive P2
  5. Ariel Atom 300
  6. Renault Clio V6
  7. Ferrari F355 F1 Berlinetta
  8. Audi RS4
  9. Porsche 959
  10. Lotus Motor Sport Elise


Now you may be looking at this list and saying, “well hey now, the newest car on there is the Prodrive P2, and that isn’t even a production car.” On that point, you would be correct. This is because – as my other posts have mentioned – I like the slightly older models of these vehicles. I will be detailing why these particular models are my favorites in the coming weeks. So until then, ponder over my cars and comment to your heart’s desire. Go on, it won’t hurt you to leave a comment; I promise.


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