History in a wet, yet boring Monza

Surprisingly, there was not a lot of action in the wet at Monza. Was it just me, or did it seem like a procession out there? Perhaps it was the fact that Monza is such a fast racetrack and has no real corners or ups and downs. Sure, it is an old style track, but this one was not very exciting up front. I was hoping for more of a battle, but history was still made, and the race was very good for a young kid named Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel is now the third new race winner this year behind Kovalainen and Kubica, the second and third place finishers, respectively. Plus, he is the youngest person to ever win a Grand Prix, at just a few days over 21, and in the first Italian car other than a Ferrari to win since Maserati in 1957.

Another storyline that played out this weekend is Hamilton in the McLaren coming from 15th on the grid to finish seventh and keep his lead over Massa for the World Title by one point. He has been criticized by several of the other drivers out there as being too aggressive and making some weird moves out there. I don’t know what this means, but I know for sure that Timo Glock in the Toyota was none too happy with Hamilton’s driving. “Sometimes he drives as though he is completely alone on the track…The next time I am with him (on track), I will behave with him in exactly the same way,” Glock was quoted as saying. Will we see some sort of incident on track in Singapore? Probably not, but it would be interesting.

The other thing that went on this weekend was Raikkonen having a very quiet race in Ferrari’s back yard. While Hamilton was out there tearing up the track and gaining spots (and points) Kimi was out there just having a Sunday drive until the final laps and he goes and sets a great fast lap time. If he is just out there to drive and get the record for the most fast laps in a season (10 and he now has nine), then I think he is just wasting time and needs to get his act together to help Massa try and win the Championship. Plus, Kimi and Massa will be Ferrari’s duo until 2010, and I think, that for the sake of the team, Kimi should step up and help Massa to win. This would also benefit Kimi a lot because everyone knows he likes to party, and with Massa being Brazilian and the final race of the year always being in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he would get to party his butt off if Massa won the Championship in his home country.

But for now we are off the Pacific Rim and the first night race in the history of F1. Will this be a runaway win, or a race of intrigue? With Hamilton appearing at his appeal hearing the day before, and then flying half-way around the world, it may end up being a big mistake. But that will have to wait for two weeks, and we will see you under the lights in the steamy streets of Singapore


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