Subaru Impreza WRX STi P1

Sure it’s a long name, and this post is somewhat of a rehash of my second post, but I figured that most people didn’t read that anyway, so here it is, all updated and made to look pretty. Enjoy.

There should be no doubt that the Subaru Impreza P1 is one of the most sought after cars for a certain type of people. But who are these people? Do they look like you and me? Most of the time. Do they eat with their toes instead of their hands? Possibly, although I’ve never see it. The fact of the matter is that they are people who want the best from their car; the best power, handling, stability, looks and reliability. With the Subaru Impreza P1 they get all that plus the added benefit of having a motorsport pedigree.

The Impreza in its rawest form is not just a car for those who want to get from point A to point B in the most rudimentary of ways. No. The Impreza P1 was designed for those who want to get from A to B by going the way of C, D and maybe K. They go out of their way to find the road that best suits them. Sure, any Impreza can crawl along a highway without much effort, but when it gets into the backroads and off the well-trodden path, it comes to life and becomes so much more than a simple (or very complicated depending on who you are) machine. It becomes something that you can mold around every bend and knead through every straight and switchback. It is, in essence, an extension of you through the metal, to the road.

The Impreza is made to go through all types of weather too. If you live in, say, Southern California where it is sunshiney 112% of the year, it will drive just like any other vehicle. But if you live in a state where it rains and snows and gets muddy, then you owe it to yourself to try out an Impreza when the conditions turn sour. Because of its venerable All Wheel Drive system, the car simply slogs off the worst that is thrown at it. I, personally, have driven through torrential downpours and unbelievable winter snowstorms with blowing sleet and snow drifts, without even the faintest hint that something could be wrong outside. Sure it looked like a whiter, colder version of hell out there, but inside, there were no worries mate. The car takes everything in stride, and then some.

The P1 is just like any other hot Impreza with the difference being that it is a UK only spec car and was designed and upgraded by the geniuses at Prodrive in Banbury, England. They took the best base STi, the Japanese only Type-RA, and imported a few hundred of them to their base in Banbury (the same place the rally cars are prepped). Here, they installed a new suspension, upgraded the interior and fiddled with the engine and exhaust a bit. They also hired a designer by the name of Peter Stevens to design some body add-ons including the front lip and the rear wing. Of course, Mr. Stevens is also responsible for something called a McLaren F1 (whatever that is) so you know that the P1 is in good company. All told, the Impreza P1 is probably just short of being the most sought after classic Impreza after the 22B. Not only will it embarrass some of the most highly powered supercars on the planet in the wet, but it will give them a run for their money in the dry too. This is evident by the high praise that has been placed on this car. just check out any EVO, CAR or Top Gear magazine from the late 90s or early in 2000. This is definitely one of the top 10 best cars in the world, and is most certainly worthy of having a spot in my garage.

There are many great places to go to check in on the Impreza and the community that surrounds it. My favorites are,, and There are also some great vendors out there too. is one of the best and carries a wide range of products for the Impreza, no matter what year you have.


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