One Week To Go

Boy I had a busy week last week. I figured that I had better get this out of the way early in the week and I can maybe update later in the week too if more news comes up. I haven’t updated this blog for a couple of weeks and since then Fernando Alonso won in Japan, and Hamilton walked it in China.

Going into the final race of the F1 season in Brazil, Felipe Massa is seven points behind championship leader Lewis Hamilton. For anyone who loves a good stat, at this point in the season last year, Kimi Raikkonen trailed Hamilton by the same number of points – and look what happened with him. As I have said all along, if Massa wins and becomes world champion (which is probably more of a long shot than last year), the country of Brazil will probably explode. Massa would become the first Brazilian world champion since the late, great Ayrton Senna if he were to win. I cannot reasonably see Hamilton making a mistake like he did last year, but the one thing going against him (other than the drivers who don’t like his driving and want Massa to win – i.e. Alonso, Raikkonen, et al) is the fact that he is on a second race for his engine. The McLaren has had great reliability all year, but Heikki Kovalainen’s engine just failed him in China, and Lewis was dialing it back during that race too. If he pushes too hard at the start, we could see a big kablooey from the back of Lewis’s car.

Of course this would mirror what happened to Ferrari this year too. In Hungary, Massa was walking it and his engine exploded with just two laps to go (read about it in my earlier entry), and then the next race saw Raikkonen’s engine let go. So first it was Heikki, and next it will be Hamilton, right? Maybe. But in this day in age; unlikely. So what do I expect? I expect Lewis Hamilton to finish in the top five (which is all he needs) and become the first black world champion – not to mention the youngest. But Massa will put up a good fight and has already said that all of the pressure is on Lewis to finish the race. He has nothing to lose, and I expect he will leave nothing on the track. As for right now, there are less than six days left until the race, and I cannot wait.


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