The Finale in Brazil

            Well, this is the weekend. The final weekend of the year for the F1 World Championship is upon us. After 17 rounds, some crashes, passes and disasters (almost rhymed), it all comes down to this. Seven points separate Felipe Massa from leader Lewis Hamilton. This year went by really fast and I can’t believe it is down to the final race again, just like last year. And just like last year, a McLaren is leading a Ferrari by seven points down the homestretch. Can Lewis hold of a charging Massa? Probably, but we will definitely find out by Sunday.

            Of course the other big stories this week include David Coulthard in his last F1 race ever, and the FIA trying to sabotage the best race series on the planet. David is one of the elder statesmen of the F1 community and is leaving the sport after this season. I was never a fan of him – mostly because he drove for McLaren – but he is a very talented Scotsman and a true competitor. He is also very candid and speaks his mind, which in this Formula One, is somewhat of a rarity. He will be driving his car with a different livery this weekend (all white with ads for a charity he supports). Is it time he stepped down? He certainly thinks so, so I’ll agree with him. Maybe he will have some sort of role in the F1 circus after this, but who knows. He has had a long and distinguished career with many notable wins (coming in that McLaren of so long ago) and has raced against many of the best there ever was. Hopefully he can at least finish his final race and get a good result.

            Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard by now (and if you are any sort of F1 fan, of course you have) the FIA wants to implement cost-cutting measures in the form of a uniform engine package. What this would mean is that Ferrari, BMW, Honda, Toyota and all the others would be running the same engine from one manufacturer. If this ever happened (which it won’t) Ferrari has vowed to quit Formula One. This is a great move by the Italian firm as they are the face of F1 and without that team, no one would care. This is because Ferrari polarizes people; you either love them or hate them. Viewership would tumble and the series would not live much longer. Of course, it also helps that the other big hitters have also come out and said that this sort of cost-cutting measure is ludicrous and they will have no part in it. F1 is, and always has been, the top technological racing series in the world. From the mind blowing aerodynamics to the incredible power the engines make (around 750 to 800 hp from a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated V8 spinning up to 19,000 rpm!) this has always been the series to watch. But if the FIA had their way, it seems like there wouldn’t even be a Formula One to watch. Maybe this weekend will make them realize the error of their ways as they have another nail biter in Brazil.

            On another note, I have no idea what I am going to be writing about after this race. Obviously there will still be news and next years cars are going to look very different and I will keep those who read this updated on that, but other than that I guess I will have to come up with something else to write about dealing with cars. Anyway, go Felipe and go Ferrari.


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