No Points For You!

            And here I thought that the Olympics wouldn’t be seen for another couple of years. Unfortunately for me, and maybe many F1 fans, the FIA (read King/Dictator until the day he dies Bernie Ecclestone) has recently announced his plans to rid the sport of the horrid points system for the drivers. What?!!? Now the drivers on the podium will receive gold, silver and bronze medals for finishing in first, second and third. Listen, this is dumb. Not only does giving out medals make a mockery of the whole trophy ceremony, but no one will care anymore about who finishes in what place. The FIA already changed the points system back in 2002 to keep Michael Schumacher from winning halfway through the season. However, since they have gone to this new system, the last two years have come down to the final race, and both have been massively exciting.

            I’m not sure how the new medal system will work out, but it may end up being like the old one flying lap qualifying sessions that were boring and contrite. Why not go back to the old, pre-2003 system and make a larger points spread for finishing first. I don’t care that one driver has won three gold medals, four silver and one bronze to the other drivers four gold medals, one silver medal and three bronze because the first driver would have 68 points under the current points system to 66 points for the other driver, and yet the second driver would win because he finished in first more times. Plus, under the pre-2003 scoring system, the two drivers would be tied with 58 points and the championship would again go down to the wire.

            I really do believe that the points system is the way to go, and they should work on figuring that out instead of handing out medals. Plus, in these days of cutting costs, how much more does the FIA plan on spending on gold, silver and bronze materials? The last time I checked, handing someone some points cost about….oh….nothing. But of course, cost-cutting measures are another subject for another day. I will give this a chance, but I really do think it will come back to bite the FIA and F1 in the butt when it really comes down to it because, just like this year with everyone griping about the points system, the teams will be griping about the medals come the end of the year.


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