The Ugliest Racing Cars Ever

            I agree with Christian Klein. His assessment of the new BMW Sauber – and to a large extent the rest of the F1 field – is that it is the ugliest Formula One car he has ever seen. Why in the name of all that is holy did they go from a gorgeous, swoopy, technically superior shape to one that is square, boxy, upright and looks too skinny at the back and too wide at the front? Mr. Dictator Until My Body Is Six Feet Under (Bernie Ecclestone) will tell you that it is for the betterment of the racing; that there will be more chances to pass other cars with less downforce. As good as that may sound, it sure turned out to look like the ass end of drunken mule.

            Why is there this incessant need to change the sport every year? Can’t they – and by “they,” I mean Bernie – just leave the regulations and the sport alone so it can grow into something great. It seems like there have been massive rule changes every year now for the past decade. And while some have certainly worked (three tier qualifying) most have not or look like they won’t (single lap qualifying, these butt ugly new cars, possibly the new medal system).

            Why is it that one man can have such control over a race series? Shouldn’t there be a committee that votes as a Democratic unit rather than have some egomaniacal dictator and czar run the show? Wow, what a crazy idea! I mean, that would never work in the real world, so how could it ever work for a series of races? Of course I’m being sarcastic now.

            Back to these ugly new cars though. I have put up a couple of pictures below that highlight the difference in the two cars. The first one is from 2008 and you can see how that car looks just so right. It has swoops in all the right places and the dimensions are such that it doesn’t instantly cause you to puke when you see it. bmw_sauber-dpa-fs1

In the pictures below, you can see just how BMW have made their car to conform to the new 2009 rules, and my god it is one horrid looking machine. The rear wing is far to skinny, the front wing is way too wide and the whole car just looks upright and too tall; like it would fall on its face when it comes to a corner. klien-test-z-wri-23_1711081

            Of course, it being a Formula One car, that won’t happen. But what might happen, and what Mr. Klein thinks will happen is that we will see many more front wings coming off the cars. And I can see how he thinks that. Take a look at this picture and tell me how these F1 drivers are going to do any wheel-to-wheel racing. kubica-test-z-02_181108

It can’t be done anymore. If there is even the slightest bit of contact, the whole wing will be ripped off of both cars and any car behind them will be in a world of trouble as well. The wing seems to stick out beyond the wheels on either side. If this is how a 2009 spec car is going to look, then expect that first corner in Melbourne to be a bit of a doozy.


            I am going to go on record as saying that this next year will be a rebuilding year for F1. With no races on the North American continent, no race in France (for the first time in forever), a new race in Abu Dhabi plus that stupid race in Valencia, medals on the podium and uglier cars than what run around in NASCAR, this season will be the most disappointing in years and will hopefully spell the end of Bernie as head of FOM. Please teams, just rise up against him and say no. Bring back the pre-2003 point system and make some better looking cars and just start racing again. Everything Bernie does just hurts this series.


One response to “The Ugliest Racing Cars Ever

  1. I absolutely agree with what you have said!

    The sport is being governed by a man that doesn’t have the slightest idea of race dynamics. Nothing of what he suggested in the past made any sense i.e to standardize the engines for all cars! What a stupid idea, it would have been the biggest joke to see a Ferrari, McLaren Mercedes, Renault, BMW etc to run with a Ford or other brand engine/transmission!

    Furthermore, I don’t think that there will be more overtaking with the new cars either. This is a radically new design, and as expected the biggest teams will have the faster cars so how in the world would a slower car make a pass because of aerodynamics? They will be less stable in the corners due to less downforce and if they had a chance to make a pass on the straight line this year they won’t with the new rules because as of now slower cars were drafting behind the front car reduce the drag and attempt an over-brake maneuver at the end, now with less advantage of drafting they won’t even be able to pass in the straights either!

    Finally, like you said and Mr. Klien said, the new cars look so repulsive, I don’t know how one can sit and watch those cars race for 2 hours every other weekend.

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