Short F1 Update

            Well it now seems as though Hockenheim is in some financial trouble as well. Oh and by the way, so is the Nurburgring – if it has to host a Grand Prix every year. Will this be the death toll for Grands Prix in Germany? I certainly hope not, but no one knows for sure.

            Other news of interest is that Bernie is lying. He says that the teams are fully supportive of his medal system, but team insiders say that they have not even discussed the new medals and that, essentially, Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t know what he is talking about. Please just leave F1 alone.

            Plus, Mr. Ecclestone seems to think that taxpayers should pay for F1 venues. I don’t know about you, but from what I have seen, we do. We regularly attend races, buy costly souvenirs and spend a ton around town to help out the local economy. How about this plan: If you want more revenue for the track, how about holding more races at that track? Open it up for trackdays and corporate events; make sure that the average person can take their car to the track if they want so they can run around in a safe environment, rather than doing it on the streets. I know that last year Montreal had both a NASCAR event and an F1 race. Maybe they should try to attract more sponsorship and more race series to their track so that they can keep the track going.

            Of course, the other thing to do is to have Bernie back off and make his demands more reasonable…or for him to just give up the ghost altogether and quit. Yeah. That really is the best solution.

            More to come, of course.


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