Three F1 Tidbits for Today

            There is a lot of speculation about the future of Formula One right now and I have some things to get off my chest. First off, there is the belief that the Honda F1 team will be sold to a man who I think would do a great job with the team. Secondly, there are reports of another country wanting a Grand Prix (find out why I think it is stupid). And thirdly, Bernie needs to go.

            The man that many will help to take up the torch for the now defunct Honda F1 squad is none other than Mr. David Richards. Many in F1 circles know him as the man who ran BAR Honda before they became a fully manufacturer backed team, but he is also the man responsible for my favorite WRC team; Subaru. He is the head honcho over at Prodrive, and wanted to get on the grid for this season except that other teams didn’t like the customer engine and chassis idea. Of course, he hasn’t actually committed to anything yet, but he does seem to be the frontrunner because of his previous F1 experience and the fact that he has some partners with money to back him up. I think this would be great because I would certainly buy some Prodrive F1 merchandise just to help his team out. Also, he has knowledge of how things work and Prodrive has some very smart people working for their company – they have even developed lightweight panels for spacecraft. It has also been said – although by Bernie Ecclestone, so who knows how true it really is – that the Honda team’s car for next year could have been in the top four or five teams. If that is the case, then this is basically a turn-key operation that Prodrive can fettle with and make better. I wholeheartedly support Mr. Richards and back the whole Prodrive team if they decide to do this.

            And now there is a new venue that wants to host an F1 race. Now where do you think it would be? The USA? Hell no. Not with Bernie anyway. The Middle East? Close, but no. Maybe the answer is Bulgaria? That can’t possibly be it right? Wrong. The next country that wants to host an F1 Grand Prix is Bulgaria. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that Bulgaria is a great place – when I eventually found it using Google. Oh by the way, in case anyone doesn’t want to search to find out where it is, it’s right next to Turkey…where they already have a Grand Prix!! Seriously, WTF?! How come the Eastern Europeans can have a new Grand Prix venue, but the very mention of a Grand Prix on the North American Continent sends shivers down Bernie’s spine? Maybe I’m missing something, but it sure seems as though a sport that was born and bred on European and, to a little extent, North American soil, has started to drift away from these places and has been enticed by the shiny objects that come from the East. Again, I don’t think these places are horrible, but it still seems a travesty that I have to put up with redneck yokels and their NASCAR in this country, when I should be able to watch a car take a left AND a right hand turn. Sure, I could always go and watch an ALMS series race, but even Audi and their mighty diesels have dropped out of that series. Please stop leaving behind the classics like France, Imola and the North American market.

            And finally, Bernie. I don’t think I will ever stop hounding on this guy until he is out of his power seat. The teams, along with FIA chairman Max “You Know What I Did” Mosley, want the spread of prize money to be more even among the teams. This seems fair and would help to keep some of the smaller teams in business, while also keeping the field of cars on a more even playing field. They want this money to come from the sport’s owners, but of course, Ecclestone wants no part of this. He won’t budge when this seems likely to help out all of the teams. Apparently cost-cutting could mean that he would lose money too somewhere and he doesn’t want that to happen (though it probably already will, what with his divorce and all).

            So that’s it for now. I hope the teams, the owners and the FIA can come to some sort of agreement on things, without killing the sport, or making it unrecognizable. These new cars already suck, and we don’t need anything worse.


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