2011 Ferrari/Alonso

Well, it’s a new year – almost – and the rumor that has resurfaced is about two-time world champion Fernando Alonso going to Ferrari. Of course, this won’t happen until 2011 at the earliest, but it does look as though it will happen. Alonso has not made it any secret that he would like to drive for Ferrari and even the Italian press has reported that the two parties have already made a deal. Fernando Alonso currently has a contract with Renault though 2010 and the two Ferrari drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa, also have contracts through 2010. The paper also speculated that Raikkonen would be the one to get the big red boot and that it would be a team consisting of Massa and Alonso.

            Ferrari meanwhile, are keeping their distance from the story, but are not totally denying it. Usually this means that a deal has been inked somewhere, and that only time stands in its way. The exact quote from Ferrari is: “We can only repeat that we have two drives signed to the end of 2010.” Wow, really? I think that if all goes according to plan, the driver lineup for the big red machine will be Alonso/Massa in 2011. But that is still a long way away and deals can sour between now and then. However, it does seem as though Massa and Alonso have a friendship (or at the very least a mutual respect) as Alonso desperately wanted Felipe to win the championship this year over rival Lewis Hamilton. He even went so far as to say this with Lewis directly behind him in an interview room. But we have to wait and see if there is even a Formula One in 2011, as it seems that the management will probably still try to screw things up between now and then.


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