Formula One News in Brief

As a wrap up to some happenings from around the Formula One world this week, it seems as though a deal has been signed at Ferrari. In 2011, Fernando Alonso seems like the most likely candidate to join one of the other two – most likely Felipe Massa. Of course, everything at this point is still speculation, but no one at Ferrari is denying the rumors. Statements from Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo about how he is happy with the current line up, but “maybe in two years [he] will tell [us] something different,” speak volumes about this. And as for Ferrari F1 team boss Stefano Domenicali, when asked about the driver line-up says he is happy now but, “in the future, who knows?” While this is just all speculation at this point, most teams would flat out deny something if they didn’t have anything signed. But Ferraris blatant non-committal to answers leaves the Alonso door wide open.

Also in the news was the unveiling of both the Ferrari and Toyota F1 challengers for this season. Ferrari is calling their car the F60 in acknowledgement of their 60 years in the sport. They feel they have a car that can rightly challenge at the front of the pack once again, with or without the KERS system. They are currently testing the system on their car and doing runs. Massa has said that the car feels harder to drive, but that he will get used to it (and don’t we all hope it). Meanwhile, the Toyota squad unveiled their latest car, the TF109. Not only do they think they will be fighting for podiums, they are saying that their season won’t be complete without a win. Based on their performances from last year, I would say that they could shoot it out at the top, but only on certain race tracks. Toyota had an overall good year last year, but they were up and down throughout.

                Oh and by the way, if you thought that the shots of the BMW F1 car I posted earlier were bad, they don’t get any better with the real thing. Both the Ferrari and the Toyota look very similar (minus the difference in wing mirrors) to the BMW and that isn’t a good thing. Check out the pictures below and see how ridiculous the new rear wing looks. It’s like the whole thing got caught in a press that started to squish the back end and when it got out, Bernie Ecclestone said, “All roight chaps, that looks ugly enough. It’s perfect, just like me.” Yeah I gave him a cockney accent, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that these cars look like butt. Much like this picture, the cars should be viewed from a distance so that no once can really see how ugly they are.


And finally, I mentioned in an earlier post that the new front wings look way too wide for the front of the car and that there would probably be a lot of missing wings at the end of the first lap. However, the wings on the car contain adjustable flaps that are controlled by the driver in the cockpit. This is on the car to try and make passing maneuvers easier for the drivers. But the flaps are not computer controlled, they are controlled by wires. This poses a problem for the teams if they need to change the front wing, as the wires will need to be reattached to the cockpit. Teams are now estimating that the wing change will not be as simple as taking a couple of seconds and that could spell disaster for their race strategies. I think that if your front wing gets sheared off, that the new wing should just be put on by the team without hooking up the flaps and just let the driver go and race. On the other hand, this could mean that whoever runs a clean race will take the checkered flag and that we could see some really different results at tracks like Monaco or others with really tricky first corners. Of course, we will all have to wait and see what happens in Melbourne, which is only 70 days away.





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