McLaren Unveil New Car

McLaren has also released their new car to the press, and it looks….not too bad. However, I attribute this to the fact that there have not been any clear shots of the vehicle head-on featuring the wing. Maybe they figured out that these cars are exceedingly ugly, and that the best thing is to not take a picture of it from the front when the wing is in view. This shot here is the best indication of the car with the wing at the back, but because of the perspective, it doesn’t look that bad.


I contend that when it gets out on track, it will still look horrible. Though maybe some colors suit this shape better, and the Ferrari red and the Toyota white just aren’t it. I don’t know. This shot of the front of the car just shows how much different the whole nose of the car is.


It is much rounder in its appearance and much skinnier. Even next to the Toyota, you will see how much different this car is.


This McLaren challenger is MP4-24 and is going to be one tough car to beat. In other McLaren news, Ron Dennis is going to be stepping down as the team principal. Martin Whitmarsh is going to be taking his place in March. Essentially, nothing much will change. Dennis will probably still be attached to the program and still go to races, much like Michael Schumacher or Jean Todt for Ferrari. He got his wish to see his driver Lewis Hamilton win the World Championship and now he can go and do whatever it is that people with boatloads of cash do for the rest of their lives. Next week will feature more car premiers from the other manufacturers.


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