So Many New Faces

The debuts of both the BMW Sauber team and the Renault team occurred this week. Both of the cars look just like all the others, which is to say, pretty ugly. So far, five teams have revealed their cars, and all of them are fairly different. I have singled out the noses of these cars in particular to highlight just how different the designs actually are. You can see by the noses of these cars how widely the rules are, but also how many of the teams actually look somewhat similar. Contrasting are the new front ends of the McLaren and the Williams team who, respectively, have much skinnier front ends or much lower ones. The Ferrari team has also made their front end different by placing the front wing slightly back of the nose, while most other teams have put the front wing on the very front of the car’s nose. Meanwhile, the Renault just looks like a duck. Quack. Williams, by the way, hasn’t actually unveiled their car yet, but it is testing. Take a look and judge for yourself.









Also, here is a nice shot showing the differences in this year’s versus last year’s BMW Sauber machine. The difference is astounding when you actually put the two side by side. The old car just seems to give off a presence of speed that the other is decidedly lacking. The old car looks like it has a purpose, whereas the new car looks…well, it looks like how I would design a Formula One car – and that can’t be a good thing. Also, now that I can really look at the two next to each other, this year’s car looks very out of proportion because of the huge front wing and tiny rear wing. It almost reminds me of a vacuum cleaner. Just push on the rear wing and the front end will suck up all the dirt. Personally, I will take the one on the right every time.




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