The Ugliest of Them All

If you have read or even sniffed at my blog over the past couple of weeks, you will know that I detest the look of the new F1 cars. But then there comes the question, “Which one is the ugliest little duckling that will never, ever grow up to be a beautiful swan?” The answer is Renault. Oh my god is that a face only a mother could love…if she was blind and had no hands to feel the face of her child. I think I mentioned that it looks like a duck, but now I think it looks like a duck that was possibly born prematurely and got stepped on. Of course, if it were blisteringly fast, maybe one could forgive it, but the thing is supposed to be a dog. I don’t know where Renault lost their way, but after losing the baby blue and yellow scheme for this one, they have really only made their car distinguishable by the fact that once you see it, you no longer want to live. Oops, I just gouged my eyes out after looking at it for too long. Oh well, at least it will hopefully still sound good…one has to hope for the best.alonso-test-z-35_210109

For more pictures of this abomination, be sure to go to Or don’t and save yourself the horror that is the Renault.


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