Land of the Free and the Home of…an F1 team?

            Rumors, rumors, rumors. What to do with this one now. If it holds true, a new American F1 team will come to the fore and participate in Grand Prix racing in 2010. Not only is this news exciting, but it makes the Formula One grid matter just that little bit more because people from the Good Ol’ US of A have something to root for now. (Although I guess we already had Scott Speed, and no one cared then). But this will be a whole team. In fact, you can check out the awesome Website of awesomeness that is I’ll let you go check it out right now.

Ok, so I may have lied about the awesomeness of the site, but reports are indicating that Peter Windsor himself is somehow involved and that Charlotte, North Carolina will be the home base. Also, the team has the blessing of F1 devil in short pants Bernie Ecclestone. Those are pretty specific facts and will hopefully turn out to be true. Of course, then they would need to figure out a way to be competitive…

            But who cares? A US F1 team! Woo Hoo! If this happens, I will not stop backing Ferrari, but I will secretly root for the hometown team because…well, I guess it would be fun to see an American F1 team try to keep up. Even if they are at the back of the pack, they should still be able to give someone a run for their money. Check here for the full details and watch this space, as the Honda F1 team is still for sale and we may have a real potential buyer now…


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