Honda Still Up In The Air; Heidfeld Says Overtaking More Possible

            With about 30 days left until the start of the 2009 F1 season in Melbourne, there are good reports from Nick Heidfeld and a still unknown status about Honda’s future in the sport.

            Obviously we know that the Honda name won’t be attached to the car, but the deal is that this was the Honda team and that they keep saying that they are set up and ready to go. Virgin, and Sir Richard Branson, have been the two names on everyone’s lips as they are the latest to come up with a sort of, maybe, but we’re not sure sort of plan for buying the team. I think it would be great for them to buy the team as they would not only spice up the pit lane, but would make it so that there would be more teams on the track. The more cars, the better it is for the fans and the racing spectacle. Here’s hoping they can ink a deal so that the grid is full.

            And Nick Heidfeld is now saying that the bodywork changes have made the cars easier to drive behind others cars. Does this mean the preposterously named “Overtaking Working Group” got it right? That the hideous designs that will burn your eyes out if you stare at it too long will actually make for better racing and more overtaking? Maybe. It is still up to the drivers to make the move (which we know they have no trouble attempting) and we still need to see how those front wings hold up at the first corner in Albert Park. But if what Heidfeld is saying holds up, then maybe we will see some better racing and more overtaking in the future. One can only hope.

            The first race of the season at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia takes place on March 29th. Stay tuned.


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