A Full Grid? It’s Looking That Way

Some of you may be delighted to hear that the former Honda squad is going to be doing winter testing, and that means that they will more than likely be on the grid in Melbourne. Apparently, because no formal buyer came forward for the team, the management at the former Honda team got the go-ahead to buy the team outright. Ross Brawn got the approval from the Honda board of directors and the team will run a blank white livery for now and testing and then have the sponsors on the car when the season starts. For those who don’t care, this will mean nothing, but for F1 fans, it means that a full grid will be on display and that we will still have 20 cars racing, plus we get to see if Honda’s claims that their car was going to be a frontrunner was just puffery or not. (If it isn’t I’m sure the Mercedes engines will get the blame).

While the driver lineup has yet you be finalized, it may just turn out that Jenson Button will be paired with either Rubens Barrichello or Bruno Senna. The engines will be supplied by Mercedes it sounds like and the name of the team may end up being “Brackley F1.” That is the place where in England where the team is based, for those who don’t know. This name is not confirmed as yet, but it works for me…well, whatever they name it will work for me because I just want all the cars back on the grid. And it seems more likely than ever that that will happen.


One response to “A Full Grid? It’s Looking That Way

  1. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

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