20 Cars To Be At Melbourne!! Brawn GP

            Well what can I say? How about hooray for a start! Melbourne will be a full grid! Just today (Friday, March 06, 2009) the Honda Motor Company allowed Ross Brawn to purchase the F1 team and all of the stock that goes with it. As I said in an earlier blog, the name will obviously not be Honda F1 any longer. And instead of the Brackley F1 name, the team will be known as Brawn GP. Much like WilliamsF1, this team will take on the name of the owner and team principal. So now we know that there will be the full 20 cars on the grid, but who will be driving the machines and what engines will they use?

            It should come as no surprise that Jenson Button is one of the drivers. I was somewhat surprised to learn that Rubens Barrichello, and not Bruno Senna, would be the second driver. I say somewhat because although Rubens is quite a lot older than Senna, he has vastly more experience and, of course, knows Ross Brawn intimately from the time that they spent together at Ferrari. What does this mean for Senna? I don’t have a clue, but it is a little sad that he won’t have a seat for this year as a main driver, although whether or not he is the next Lewis Hamilton or Nelson “Don’t Call Me Junior” Piquet, remains to be seen. As it stands, the Brawn GP squad has the most experienced driver lineup on the grid, although between the two they have a grand total of 10 wins (Barrichello with 9 and Button with 1). But if this car is as good as Honda and Bernie hinted that it would be, then maybe these two can actually start to go for the podium, instead of just the points.

            Of course, it also matters what sort of propulsion is behind you and the team has one of the best in the new McLaren-Mercedes engine. It should provide the cars with the power to be in the middle to upper-half of the pack and the rest will be down to the drivers and the aero package and suspension setup. If all works out, this could be a giant leap forward in the fortunes of this team. Here’s hoping that Ross Brawn can do for his team what he did at Ferrari.



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