Jerez Testing Pace

            Well, the season hasn’t even started yet and already there are some shake-ups in the F1 ranks. With the Brawn GP team up and running with the rest of the pack this week, we can finally start to gauge just how successful this team may or may not be and by all accounts, they should be pretty dang successful. Of course there are many more factors that come into play on an actual race weekend, but right now, the Brawn GP car, whether driven by Rubens Barrichello or Jenson Button, seems to be close to the top of the pack. Honda and Bernie thought that they had a good package, and maybe they just needed some more power to exploit it. Well now that they have that power, courtesy of Mercedes, they are proving that they were ready to go all along. They have been constantly in the top five in testing and posting some times that Ross Brawn has hinted are not light fuel runs. This raises the question of whether the Brawn GP team may actually be dogging it in testing just to surprise all of their rivals, or are the rivals not trying to show the cards that they have? That is the first of the questions that will be answered in 15 days time.

            The second question that needs to be answered is what is going on with Mercedes-McLaren? This team is one year removed from having one of the best cars on the grid, to going to the bottom of the time sheets in testing. There are many questions out there, but the only thing I can say is let’s wait and see what happens before we all jump to conclusions. No one knows how these new body rules will affect all of the teams and it seems that it may actually jumble up some of the results. Of course, F1 nowadays is about hundredths of a second rather than tenths or full seconds, so it all could come down to race strategy like in the last few years. Again, Melbourne will answer the Mercedes question of what’s going on when we finally see what sort of pace they have on Saturday. Stay tuned because the season is starting to heat up already and we haven’t even gone racing yet!


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