New Points For F1

There are certainly some talking points in the Formula One paddocks this week. First off, Brawn GP continue to show well. Secondly, the FIA has introduced a new points system that is – SHOCK – controversial. And finally, there are only a few days left until Melbourne.

            The first two points sort of tie into each other in the fact that, while there are only a few days left until the start of the season, the Brawn GP team with Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello continue to do hot laps in their challenger. There is much speculation out there about the fuel loads and the weight of the car and the rear diffuser shape, but the point is that this car is fast when it comes right down to it. Ross Brawn is stating that there is nothing heightened to lure sponsors in this car’s performance, and that it does, in fact, actually perform this well. The true test of the car’s performance will come in about 8 days, when we finally get to see their car alongside other rivals in Friday morning practice. When the dust is settled, will the Brawn GP car be a big talking point for a good or a bad reason? No one can quite say for sure, but I have a feeling that they knew they had a good car, they just needed the right engine apparently.

            Then we have the FIA. Again with these guys (or one guy in particular). They have changed the point system, much to the chagrin of both the race drivers and myself. The points now seem to have nothing at all to do with the racing because at the end of the day, the driver who accrues the most race wins will win by default. Essentially, if one guy goes out and claims the first six races of the season, then gets hurt for the remainder of the year, he will still win if no one else eclipses his wins record. Let’s think about that for a second. Okay that’s enough time to declare that as asinine. This is just another way for Bernie Ecclestone to get his way without putting on a big temper tantrum. He didn’t get his way with his stupid medals system, but he is still getting the same results with this scoring system. Even some of the drivers have declared this as stupid because of the same reasons I just stated. Jenson Button has said, “After nine races you could get a driver who’s already won the title and can take the rest of the season off, while the driver in second is only 18 points behind.” Not only that, but this season, the last time I checked anyway, is 18 races long. The World Champion last year won five races. This system will not work in today’s F1 because there is no dominant force in every race. There is no Michael Schumacher anymore. The points system needs to be intact so that drivers can battle the entire year to come up with a victor. Not just have one guy cruise to victory and take a long vacation the rest of the year. As Nico Rosberg said, this new system is just “nonsense.”

            Plus, Bernie doesn’t take into account the fact that there are people out there who follow the sport, and even they can’t keep up with all the rule changes. How is someone new to the sport supposed to react to all the rule changes? I’ll tell you how; they are going to leave and never watch again. If you are trying to make a sport into something more than the sum of its parts, why keep changing the parts ever year? Someone needs to step in and tell Bernie that he has lost the path. Yes, he has done great things for the sport, but right now he is only hurting it. Every year they always have to do this, and tweak that. Just leave it alone already! It damn well has worked for 50+ years now! Just leave it alone!

            More to come.


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