New Point System Goes Away and McLaren at the Back

After first imposing a “winner takes all” system of scoring for the F1 World Championship, the FIA is thinking about re-instating the normal points system. This comes after many current and former drivers, including Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Jarno Trulli and now Lewis Hamilton, along with a majority of the team owners, spoke out on the system calling it “nonsense” and wondering if the FIA is trying to kill off F1. Well maybe someone in a head office that doesn’t say Bernie Ecclestone on the front of it is finally paying attention to what a MAJORITY of the F1 teams and fans want, which is a points system to determine a Formula One World Champion. I am glad that so many of the teams, fans and drivers have publicly spoken out against this outrageous system. It would be an atrocity to have to watch as a driver that earned more wins, but less points, won the championship. I feel this way because it only makes sense that the driver who has been the most consistent over the entire season should get the crown. All the FIA needed to do, instead of get everyone pissed off, was to listen to the teams – and not Bernie – and increase the points spread between first and second place.

In other news, the McLaren-Mercedes F1 team is expecting to be in the back third of the qualifiers for the Melbourne GP. Norbert Haug, Mercedes chief has acknowledged that their challenger for the title is not coming along as they had hoped it would. What this means is that, if they are not lying of course, we will get to see who is really up to speed. With McLaren at the back of the grid, the fans will get to see if the Brawn GP machine has the pace that it showed in testing or if the Toyota team is finally up to the challenge. Also, we will get to see the pace of all the other cars relative to a major player in the F1 championship. This reminds me of the Ferrari of 2005 when they were very uncompetitive for the entire season and only scored a victory at Indianapolis because the Michelins couldn’t handle a high speed turn. What this also means, assuming that someone else can come up and challenge Ferrari, is that we may see a big mix up in the World Championship for a few races until McLaren gets their act together. Stay tuned to this blog and the season to find out how all this stuff turns out.



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