Protests and Bickering Ahead of Melbourne GP

This will probably be my last post before the race in Melbourne so I just want to get a few things out there. First off, it seems that once again Bernie is being an ass and that he is steadily going downhill and careening out of control. And secondly, there may be some protests before the start of the Australian GP from a few teams.

            For the three people out there who actually read this blog (first off, thank you) you will know that I am not the biggest supporter of Bernie Ecclestone. I feel that he has become senile and is a big baby when it comes to not getting his way. He seems to want to see F1 die before he does and will stop at nothing to get that done. This time, it really does seem as though a storm is brewing between the teams, represented by FOTA, and the commercial rights to F1, held by Bernie. It has recently come out that two team bosses, including Flavio Briatore of Renault and Ron Dennis of McLaren, were ready to boycott the Melbourne race because of unpaid money from Bernie. Bernie came back at the teams saying that he hates empty threats and warned that if they want to put a gun to his head it had better have bullets in it. Some will see this as just another way that Bernie is able to pull out hard-tactics negotiations while more will see it as another way for Ecclestone to keep the teams locked in a box that they can’t get out of. It’s Bernie’s way or the highway, even though the teams are the ones doing all the racing and they are out there risking their cars and their drivers. I hate the way that F1 can be completely ruled by a tyrannical dictator like Bernie Ecclestone. If the teams have no power, then why even have an alliance? Isn’t that what you are for? For the teams to have real say in how to move F1 forward, they should put their foot down for once and get Bernie to put up or shut up, not the other way around. In fact, I see no way out of this for the teams because Ecclestone only does what’s best for him and no one else. Want proof? Here’s a quote and a link to the quote.


“Everything I have done, I have done for myself or the company that I run. I have never done it thinking it could be good for somebody else.”


            Bernie the Tyrant is going to run F1 into the ground because that is the way he wants it to be. Everything is for Him and no one else has a say…even if that other party is a whole Formula One paddock, all the fans and the sponsors who put up millions upon millions of dollars.

            This second item has been floating around the F1 paddock for a couple of weeks now, but it might finally come to a head this weekend. Apparently, the Brawn GP machine, Toyota F1 and Williams F1 cars are illegal according to Red Bull. They have supposedly found a loop-hole in the rules that allows them to run a “double diffuser” of sorts and it apparently takes off five tenths of a second per lap. There are seven teams – of the ten – that are ready to declare these diffusers illegal. They are ready to issue a formal protest at the first race of the season, even though the diffusers of the teams have been inspected and passed. I guess that we will see who is fastest come Friday practice and qualifying on Saturday. Maybe then we can all judge who has the best cars for the race. It will be interesting to see where these double diffuser cars land on the grid. What I don’t get, though, is if there is a loop-hole, then why not exploit it for your own use Red Bull? F1 is all about innovation (or it used to be) so why not take a bunch of pictures and then copy it? If it works and it passes tech inspection and it makes your car that much faster, then YOU SHOULD BE USING IT TOO! Stop your complaining, exploit the rules like the other teams and get five tenths of a lap back in your possession.

            This is going to be one hell of a season already, and it hasn’t even started yet. Stay tuned.


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