So…Do Ya Feel Lucky?

Maybe the luck has worn off. Following the initial stripping of Jarno Trulli’s third place and Lewis Hamilton moving up into the spot, it now seems as though the F1 race stewards have reversed their decision saying that they felt they had been misled by the McLaren team. Essentially this reinstates Trulli into third place and effectively strips Lewis of all his points. Apparently the team originally told the race stewards that no one had spoken about letting Trulli through during the safety car period when he went off the road. But after they got a hold of radio transmissions and statements made to the media by Lewis, they found that there was talk about letting the Toyota driver back through. I don’t know what more, if any, sort of repercussions this will have for the team, though there is talk of further action ranging from reprimanding the driver and team to full on exclusion from the championship. I would hate to see this last one happen though, as it would make the racing less interesting somehow. Lewis could effectively take the rest of the year off and prepare next year’s car – though he wouldn’t. I’m sure that if it really comes down to it, there will be either grid spot penalties or a hefty fine.

In other, more encouraging news, it seems as though I was right. I said earlier this week that the Brawn GP team would have no trouble finding sponsors after a dominating victory in Melbourne. It has been reported that when Nick Fry got on the plane to fly to Malaysia, his phone was jammed with offers from potential sponsors. This is great news because the Virgin branding is due to run out after this weekend (though that will probably not happen) and now the team will more than likely have enough money to get through the season without feeling too strapped for cash.

Remember, the Malaysian Grand Prix takes place this weekend, and it looks like its going to be windy, dark, cold and most importantly for the drivers, WET. Now we will see who really has the pace when the going gets tough, because as I have written in the past, the wet races are undoubtedly the most exciting, frustrating, hair-raising driving demonstrations on four wheels.


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