Race Two: Malaysian Grand Prix

I can’t be the only one who was disappointed by the ending of the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang, can I? See, here’s the problem with Bernie’s twilight race idea. Not only was it getting too dark to race, but Malaysia is known for having torrential downpours as the day gives way to evening. So, what happened then when we had our first twilight race in Malaysia? Why a nice monsoon downpour of course that halted the race and then effectively ended it. Thanks for the idea Bernie. Sure the television audience was up, but who cares when I get gypped out of a full race. Look, I have already been to a Grand Prix that I was gypped out of seeing the whole thing – that being the catastrophe that was Indianapolis in 2005 – so I know exactly how these spectators should feel. Not only did they all get wet, they only got to see 75% of a Formula One race and then a half hour of drivers sitting around in their cars on the front straight. Boy, what a way to end a race that was actually fairly exciting to begin with. If I were one of the fans on the other side of the race track, or even if I was on the front straight where the ticket price is unbelievable, I would be furious at that result. And everyone saw it coming. Of course it was going to rain. Duh! If the drivers and teams would just unite to tell Bernie that enough is enough, we could actually see a full race in the daytime. And if you can’t watch it live….then get a damn VCR or a DVR and shut up!

            Enough ranting though because there was an eventual winner and that person was Jenson Button. He is two for two and that is a stat that bodes well for him going on to be the World Champion. How well? If you consider that the success rate is about 100% of those winning the first two races of the season going on to become World Champion, then he has a pretty good shot. In second place was Nick Heidfeld and rounding out the podium was Timo Glock. The podium was a completely different scene than usual and it’s looking like this is the way it will be the rest of the year as the Ferraris, McLarens and Renaults don’t seem to have the pace, or screw everything up on horrendously bad judgments (yeah I’m talking to you Felipe in qualifying and you Kimi putting on full wet tires when it was absolutely dry).

            On a completely other note, it seems that there is preliminary talk of using spec engines again. However, the big news this time is that the FIA wants these engines to be used for ALL FORMS OF MOTORSPORT!! Yes, they do mean that the same basic engine will be spec’d for F1, World Rally and even Formula Two. If this does happen in 2013 like they want (which it won’t as the world ends in 2012) I will effectively quit watching F1 and start loving NASCAR. You read it here first. And I will hold myself to this as well. Come 2013, if Max Mosley and the FIA still have a screw loose, I will be forced to watch vehicles turn left for hours on end until my ears and eyes bleed profusely. Don’t let this happen. Please. Max, if it is your mission to kill all of the very best motor racing on the planet, then please, by all means put this plan into action. But if you want people to continue to watch your sports, then get a clue and drop this charade now.

            The next race is in two weeks in China. Maybe by then Kimi will have gotten his fill of chocolate ice cream bars and we can see the bigger teams vying for the top spots once again. Actually, if Felipe were to get through to Q2 in qualifying in China I would be happy. Stay tuned.



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