Diffusers For All

Well, now we will see who can react the fastest to the news that just came out of Paris. The FIA International Court of Appeal finally came out with a ruling on the controversial diffusers used currently by Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams. And that ruling is…that the designs are perfectly within the rules. What this means is that there will be a mad scramble by many of the teams (although reportedly Renault has already mocked one up and is ready to go with it) to fit the new look diffuser. Needless to say that the three teams with the diffusers already installed are happy with the outcome of the meeting while the other teams will have some long nights and big paychecks ahead of them. Ferrari have already ascertained that it will cost them somewhere in the $30 million dollar range to modify their existing cars. Just how much of that is true and how much is fluffery is not known, but it will cost a chunk of dough just to get this done. Most teams will probably look to somewhere in the upcoming European schedule to fit new diffusers to their cars, so until then it looks like the Brawns, Toyotas and Williams of the world will continue to run up front. A good question to ask though, is just how fast is Sebastian Vettel going to be in the Red Bull when he finally does get to have more downforce at the back?

On another topic, the organizers of the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal have been in talks with Bernie Ecclestone about the re-emergence of that race onto the calendar. This would be a great thing, not only for the North American market, but F1 as a whole because they will see that this continent, hell this hemisphere – when you include the race in Brazil – is going to show up in droves on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You won’t see thousands of empty stands like you do in other countries (seriously, did you see how many empty seats there were in Malaysia on every day?). Montreal knows how to throw a party and that is what the F1 weekend is; a giant, three-day party. Please come to an agreement so that I can finally see another Formula One race without having to fly somewhere for over eight hours! Get your poop in a group and make this deal. Everyone wants F1 back in North America. So make it happen.



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