Race Three: Chinese Grand Prix

In a rain soaked and windy Chinese Grand Prix, it was the Red Bull team that came out on top. In fact, they secured a one-two finish with Sebastian Vettel leading Mark Webber home. Of course, it was not just another Sunday drive for the two Red Bull drivers, as they both got into scraps and scrapes throughout the race.

            Right off the bat, the race started with the always boring, though completely necessary, laps behind the safety car. This was due to the amount of standing water on the track that would eventually let up about halfway through the race, but then come on strong at the end. Vettel led away at the start, followed by Mark Webber and Jenson Button, as the other front row sitter, Fernando Alonso, dived into the pits under the safety car to refuel. This killed his entire race, and so he was effectively out.

            After a few parade laps, the safety car pulled into the pits and the actual racing began. To be honest, not a whole lot happened in the first third of the race with the exception of a few people going off at the last corner before the front straight, until – at that very same corner – Robert Kubica forgot to slow down for the corner and ran smack into the back of Jarno Trulli. In fact, Kubica’s car fully mounted the back of Trulli’s and almost flew over the top of his whole car. Needless to say that it ended Trulli’s race, though he was becoming slower as the race wore on anyway. The second victim to fall in the race was Felipe Massa, whose car made some grating noises and then ground to a halt on the back straight. Around this same time (as Trulli was still creeping around to get back to the pits) Sebastian Vettel swung wide to miss Trulli and was run into by Sebastian Buemi. (So many Sebastians). While Buemi’s front end plate was completely destroyed, Vettel continued to run with no damage to his Red Bull to take the victory. In the final few laps of the race, both Button and Webber had a great dice that resulted in both men missing braking points and passing each other multiple times. In the end though, it was Webber who prevailed and took second place.

            With this win, Red Bull firmly comes into second place, though Brawn GP has a stranglehold on the Constructor’s Championship right now. It seems that if anyone has the pace to match or beat the Brawn’s it is going to be Red Bull. Oh and by the way, Red Bull doesn’t even have one of those fancy double-deck rear diffusers. How fast will that car be when it does get one installed? Only time will tell.

            I have always contended that a wet race makes for a good race, and although there wasn’t a whole lot of spectacular action in this one, there was certainly a lot more passing and much more bravery and bravado on the drivers’ parts. Wet races are a good thing, but I highly doubt we will be seeing one next week in Bahrain – a track that Felipe Massa has completely owned the last few years. One can only assume that with Ferrari in such a funk, that a new victor will surely arise this year.


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