My New BMW Exhaust

If there is one part on my car that I am glad that I changed, it would be my BMW exhaust system. Let me share my story of how I ended up getting an aftermarket BMW exhaust system on my 3 series and why it is the best modification that I wish I had done sooner.


I really love my car. It is a 1999 BMW 328i and it is silver (I know, very original color right?) Anyway, I use my car as a daily driver and it has served me well for many years. I happened to be driving to my school one day and I came to a stop at a stop sign. Unfortunately for me, the person behind me did not stop so quickly and ended up rear ending my car. Fortunately, the damage to the rear bumper was not all that bad, but because my stock exhaust stuck out somewhat, it ended up getting pinched and bent. I figured that it would probably be a good time to get a whole new exhaust system for my BMW.


After searching the Internet, I found a site that had what I wanted. I ended up going with a stainless steel BMW exhaust system that was perfectly suited to my car. The system I chose is a cat back meaning that the first pipe starts at the back of the catalytic converter and connects to the new muffler and dual pipes. Not only are the pipes a larger diameter to help with the exhaust flow from the engine, they are also a polished stainless steel. The reason for choosing stainless steel over something like mild steel or titanium is that stainless steel won’t ever rust like mild steel will and it costs a lot less money than a titanium exhaust system. Plus, this system took a ton of weight off the car and helped to produce a better sound for the car.


And what a sound! The straight six under my hood sounds exactly like a racing engine. It has a low growl at tick over and when you really step on the throttle, it ends up snarling and howling all the way to the red line. Plus, because it also improved my horsepower and torque, the engine actually wants to rev up the limit. Before, it would feel gutless above about 5500 rpm. Now it freely revs and seems to like that upper echelon of the rev range much more than it did before. I can honestly say that I wish I had replaced the exhaust for BMW much sooner than I did. Of course, who knows? If I had changed it out before that point, would I have still been there at that exact moment? No one knows, but that accident turned out to be something that turned out for the best for me.


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