F1: The Next Year

            As I am sure many of you know, the deadline to submit applications for next year’s Formula One world championship has come and past. All of the FOTA member teams (with the exception of Williams, because they were kicked out of FOTA for having signed up earlier) lodged their entries with a conditional note attached. Basically, it states that if there is a budget cap for next season, all of their entries are null and void. This means that if the FIA still go ahead with a full budget cap, you will not see any Ferraris, BMWs, Renaults, McLarens or any other top teams like there are now. Instead of those old teams that seemingly no one cares about – according to Max Mosley – you fans will now have the pleasure of watching teams like Prodrive, Lola, Superfund, March, Campos, Litespeed and Brabham duel it out on the track and in your hearts! Wow, with names like those, who wouldn’t want to watch?


*Crickets chirping*


Oh that’s right, EVERYONE! I cannot believe this. First of all, this is basically an F3 field. Like other teams have asked before, there is already a GP2 series, so why would anyone want another? And who watches GP2? Ok, I admit, I watched one once, but it didn’t hold my attention BECAUSE I DIDN’T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THE TEAMS!!! Does the FIA not realize that if they show up to the first race of the season next year with that list of teams and no major manufacturers, that they will lose money hand over foot? People will just migrate to other series and they will especially be watching a breakaway series that used to called F1 because it has Ferrari and McLaren and all their old friends dueling it out once more. This new Formula…whatever won’t work because people like history. Why does an M3 sell so well? A lot has to do with its history. Why is the Impreza still an icon (even though it looks terrible now)? Because of the history. If you are a car manufacturer and you come out with a new car that is supposed to be an icon, no one will pay it much attention because it won’t have any back story. There is no history with new things and people will especially pay no attention if that history moves on to another race series.

And with all of the talking and speculating, it has come out that it may have been Mosley himself who told the teams to hand in these conditional entries. Maybe he is trying to kill the sport by making these teams just up and leave. I know that I have stated in the past that it sure seems like Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley want to kill F1, but I never thought it would get this far. We will find out what is really going on when the list for next year’s entrants is released on June 12. Until then, let me just pose a question: What would you rather watch, a watered down version of F1 where there are no teams, racers or people you know, or a racing series that is all about technological innovation and the best drivers and cars in the world with names like Ferrari and Mercedes? I know which I would be watching.


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