FIA Statement and No Compromise

            The FIA released a full statement detailing the processes they have gone through with FOTA and it is an interesting read. If you want to check it out, click this link. Essentially, it details various areas where it and FOTA differ in opinion and what their solutions are vs. FOTA’s. I’m not sure if this is all just a bunch of crap or if it is real, but everyone can twist their words to make them sound better than what the opposition is saying. How do you think politicians get elected? They claim that their plan is the best (naturally) and that by using it, Formula One would be more economically viable and technologically advanced that what FOTA is proposing. The choice is up to you who to believe, but the car manufacturers are backing FOTA for the time being and the FIA might have to decide if it wants to lose its biggest chunk of income (in the form of Ferrari, Mercedes and all the other top teams) or if it wants to have television viewership dwindle to almost nothing and have fans move on to other series. If that is the case, then the other teams are ready to move on and try to start up their own series with all the same top drivers and clear rules and regulations and a budget cap that suits them just fine. The idea of a budget cap is fine, but why should the teams not get to decide what is right for them? It’s not Max Mosley out there driving around in the car, and Bernie isn’t in the pits or in the factory working to make the car faster. The teams know how much this sport costs, and they should get to decide what is fair and balanced, not former lawyers and bowl cut sporting billionaires.

            Just this week, FOTA tried to come up with a compromise that would make both parties happy, but Max Mosley does not want to compromise. FOTA want a budget cap of 100 million Euros in 2010, with that figure dropping to 45 million in 2011. The FIA want that 45 million to be enforced next season and for it to stay there. He is stating that if all the teams accept the 2010 regs by Friday, then they can sit down and negotiate. That is a stupid thing in my mind because Max is a former lawyer and knows how to make these things legally binding. I’m sure the teams will have their lawyers go over whatever documents or letters he sends them with a fine toothed comb, but if they find anything the teams won’t like, then the FIA might just have a mass exodus on its hands. Who will be to blame for the failure of Formula One if it comes to that? I still blame Bernie and Max for almost everything, but no one is free and clear on this one.

            Oh and in case anyone forgot, there is a race coming up this weekend. That’s right. Behind all of this bickering is still a race series. And the fact that this race takes place in Britain at the “Home of British Motor Racing” (though not any longer) is kind of ironic. Here stands a track that is owned and operated by the British Racing Drivers Club, who fully support FOTA, and they are losing their right to host a grand prix to a track that hasn’t been used for F1 since the 1980s and is going through major renovations. This is the perfect venue for some sort of action to take place and a whole bunch of stuff will probably go on behind closed doors, but I’m sure that we will eventually hear all that there is. I think it would be fun to see the FIA lose all the big names and for them to sign up to race at Silverstone the same day for a breakaway series. Wouldn’t that be just the final nail in the coffin? Plus, if they could schedule it to be on or around the same date, it would be fantastic because they could use that venue to truly show which series has the best drivers and the biggest crowds. Don’t change that channel because everything is going to happen very quickly starting on Friday morning. I’m not sure what will happen, but if I had to put money on it, I would say that a compromise will take place, but I have been wrong so many times before, that it wouldn’t surprise me if something else happened.f60_tf109_mp424_fw31_f109_r29_rb5_side_2-470x784


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