And Here We Go…Again

Well, here we go again. There is officially one day left for the teams to either go for a breakaway series or come to a compromise with the FIA. The latest news is that there is no news. The teams are there, the FIA is there, and no one is talking…yet. The FOTA teams were last seen heading in the direction of Renault F1’s Enstone headquarters to talk things over. I think this is a very, very tense moment for Formula One. Tomorrow is the day that could decide the future of the sport for many years to come. Most are predicting a compromise because they feel that the teams and the manufacturers couldn’t support a breakaway series. I’m not sure how to feel. And I don’t know if anyone really realizes the implications that a breakaway or even a compromise could have. The most peaceful solution is to compromise and see if they can work things out. If not, a longer war of words and unhappy feelings is going to continue to linger, and that would certainly not help the sport. Whatever happens though, everyone needs to be ready for whatever eventuality comes to light.

Other than that, there is still a race going on. Silverstone is the “Home of British Motor Racing” or at least it is for one more race, and the place is sold out (of course). Why leave? There is a whole history of not having the best accommodations and not being able to get in and out very easily, but this place always sells out – even if the spectators have a less than favorable time at the race. So why cancel it? Money. Those symbols that pop into Bernie Ecclestone’s eyes every time he even looks at a map of the Middle East. He is money hungry and the good track that is Silverstone didn’t want to put up the funds that Bernie wanted them to. The solution? Move the race to Donnington Park. Will it work? That is for next year (if there is one) to figure out. As for this race, I will have predictions – and hopefully some big news – tomorrow.


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