Race Eight: Britain

            Well things are certainly heating up for this season. Not only did Red Bull walk away with the British Grand Prix, but Jenson Button finished a disappointing sixth. Sebastian Vettel is creeping ever closer to Button’s lead and managed to take a good chunk out of that on Sunday. So, how did it happen?

            First off, let me just say that the Red Bull designer Adrian Newey is an absolute aerodynamic genius. I know that it has been said before, but it takes a genius to show up to a track two weeks after a great performance with completely new aero work and end up with a one-two finish. And it wasn’t just a typical one-two either because Vettel crushed the competition to a pulp. His own teammate was about 20 seconds behind him on the road at the checkers. And everyone must realize that this year’s Red Bull Renault has to be the fastest car at the moment because after qualifying the fuel figures are posted and Vettel was heavier than everyone close to him. And yet when the red lights went out, he scooted away and was never in any trouble. He built up his lead to the point where he could cruise to victory and count down the laps from 10 on down. In second was Mark Webber who must have felt better after his qualifying lap was ruined by Kimi Raikkonen. And rounding out the podium was Rubens Barrichello. Fourth was Felipe Massa, followed closely by Nico Rosberg and then Jenson Button.

            So how did I do with my predictions? Here’s what I said:


…but I have a feeling that things will really shake up tomorrow when Jenson nabs pole from Vettel and Rubens lines up third. As for the podium, I think it will be a Brawn one-two again and that Jenson will do well at a track where he hasn’t for a long time. The third step on the podium will either be Massa or Webber or Vettel, but my money (and many others as well) will be on Vettel.


            Well as you can see I had the one-two right, just with the wrong drivers. It was close to being right, but I was still wrong. All the driver’s names were there, meaning no surprises, but that is fairly easy to do this season as only two drivers have even won races. It now stands as Jenson six wins, Sebastian 2 wins.

            Of course the other big news is still the series split…or the lack thereof. Max Mosley and the FIA have decided not to bring litigation against the teams and try to work things out. Smart move Max. He must have finally turned on a radio or a TV or opened a newspaper or even just stepped outside to find out that suing these guys (who have most of all the support behind them) would be the worst move he could make. Maybe the fact that the World Motorsport Council is threatening to hold a vote on Wednesday to see whether or not he should keep his position was also a factor. Either way, it sounds more promising that the two sides will reconcile their differences and there will be only one F1 next season. However, I have been known to be completely wrong so this could still swing back the other way. As it stands, if they split, they are hoping to have a 17 race season and would come to North American two to three times each year, depending on the track availability. Do I want to see a series split? No. Do I want Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone to give up their ghosts? Absolutely. The next race is at the Nurburgring in Germany in three weeks. Until that date arrives, I will be watching Top Gear in all of its renewed glory…stay tuned for my review tomorrow.


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