Warning: Big Egos At Work

Is it really going to come down to this? It looks like Max Mosley has been incensed by the FOTA members, and specifically Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo, after they went to the press and claimed victory as well as finally getting rid of Mosley. He is now going back on the warpath and we may still see a breakaway if Mosley ends up flip-flopping and running again. This reminds me of Brett Favre in a way. He retired once, then got in a spat with Packers management, came back, got sent to New York, is still out for revenge and will stop at nothing to see the GM humiliated by going and playing for a rival team. Much like Favre wants revenge on the GM of the Packers, so too does Mosley now want revenge on the FOTA alliance. I have to imagine that in this new war of words and egos, that everyone will now seriously lose out.

I am all for FOTA, but they have to realize that if this is the way they want to go about getting their series, that they already had most of the public backing them and that they didn’t need to sign anything. Now that they have committed to change, they should have all made good and just kept their mouths shut. If this is what truly breaks up Formula One, it will be a sad day.


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