How About A Weekend At Bernie’s? No Thanks.

So, is Bernie Ecclestone really that much of an idiot that he would say that Adolf Hitler had some good ideas? Apparently, yes. I have been on Bernie to quit for a long time now, and it seems that his age may finally be catching up to him. Either that, or Max Mosley has influenced him with his personal world views. 🙂 I kid, but not really. I know that with age comes wisdom, but at what point does that wisdom turn into something else entirely? When does the time come when the towel should be thrown in the ring? Frankly, I think it should have been a few years ago for both.

For Max, if he had retired a couple years ago, he could still be having S&M orgies with hookers dressed as Nazis and him in leather. For Bernie, he could still, potentially, have a wife to go home to instead of a large empty mansion. But because both of them have stayed in the ring longer than they should have, one had a humiliating public court battle and the other had a public divorce proceeding and is now talking up Hitler’s politics. Here is a link to the full interview where he also talks about that S&M session and other very pointed topics. I will always give him credit for being so outspoken, but really, sometimes it’s just better to keep a lid on such things. In fact, if any public officials happen to read this article (god knows why?) take my advice and don’t talk about Hitler in a flattering way or go out and get caught having an orgy with hookers speaking in German and whipping you. Ok? Are we all clear here? Good. So please, Bernie and Max, can you both retire to your mansions and billions of dollars and pounds and just leave the F1 racing to people who aren’t fascinated by Nazis? Thanks.

New Top Gear review tomorrow. And Formula One returns this weekend from Germany. Stay tuned.


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