Race Nine: German Grand Prix

So it turns out that I was completely wrong. Oh my god was I wrong. Well, I did have some of the points finishers in points, but I certainly called the wrong guy to win it all didn’t I? The German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring went off without a hitch, and saw some exciting on track action before an emotional first win for Australian Mark Webber. As the lights went out, Webber was losing ground quickly to Rubens Barrichello and dove across the track to his right and banged into Barrichello’s car; hard. I mean it looked pretty deliberate, and it resulted in a drive through penalty. On the opposite side of Webber, Lewis Hamilton shot up the grid, thanks to KERS, to get into second place at the start, there was a problem though and Hamilton’s right rear wheel immediately came off the rim and he was left floundering around at the back of the grid for the rest of the race. Drive through penalty aside, nothing was going to stop Webber from winning his first race after 130 attempts. He completely dominated the race and finished ahead of his teammate (and my pick for winner) Sebastian Vettel. Coming home third after a great race was Felipe Massa in his Ferrari, and fourth was Nico Rosberg with a brilliant drive of his own.

            If you want to know what I said about how the race would turn out, here is a brief excerpt:


            So, who do I like in the German GP? It has to be Vettel. I know that the last time a race went down I predicted Button to win his home GP, but he disappointed. I don’t see the same from Vettel. If nothing else, I look for this to be a very close race between him and his teammate Webber for the checkered flag. And as much as I would like to see Webber finally win a race, this just isn’t the place where he is going to do it. So, I predict Vettel home in first, Webber a close second and Button third. Unless something very peculiar happens – for instance, a huge wreck at the first corner – I don’t see anyone stopping Vettel from completely demolishing the competition.


            Man. If you replace Vettel with Webber, then I was right, because Mark completely dominated from the word go. I was also wrong about the Brawns as it seems that they have fallen off the pace a little. Either that or they are having a sting of bad luck. It seems that Barrichello is mad once again at his team because of their strategy. I know that a pit stop went bad for the Brazilian, but he has to race his race. If he were to be a second or two faster over the course of the race, he could have at least beaten his teammate Jenson Button. But he wasn’t. He ended up in sixth (where Button ended up in his home Grand Prix without a sniff of a whisper of a hint of a bad word) and scored points, but must have felt he could have won the race. I must have been watching a different race though because it seems to me that he didn’t perform when he needed to and that the other drivers were just faster than him on the track. Jenson’s lap times were much faster than Barrichello’s and it was inevitable that he was going to be caught. It will be interesting to see where this goes in the next couple of weeks and if anything even does come of it. Probably not, but who knows? Because of Barrichello’s poor result, he has slipped back two places in the standings and they now read: Button, Vettel, Webber, Barrichello. I’d go farther back, but those are the only people who have a realistic shot at this thing still.

            Oh and before I forget…what happened to Jarno Trulli? I didn’t hear a thing about him all day, and he finished way down the order. Was his car just horrible? Was there a problem? I picked him to be in the points and he goes out and has a terrible race. Oh well, maybe he can get his act together for the Hungarian Grand Prix in two weeks. Also, a review of the new Top Gear in a couple of days.


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