Heee’sss Baaaaaaaaaaack!!

OMG! OMG! OMG! Guess who’s coming to dinner? Forget that BMW is leaving (they weren’t performing well in the first place) and forget that the next race is on a street circuit that is horrible, just revel in the fact that MICHAEL SCHUMACHER is going to sit in for Felipe Massa!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe it. Really I can’t, seeing as how Ferrari has both Luca Badoer and Marc Gene in testing roles, and both would be infinitely more familiar with the car than Schumacher. However, it all comes down to the name and the itch to drive again. With Michael in the race seat, you can bet that Ferrari is going to get a lot of attention. How much you may ask? Well, if I could quantify the amount, it would a hundredy-bazillion times more than if anyone else (maybe besides Alonso) stepped in. Oh, and then multiply that number by another babilliony-hundroooleith.

The last time that Schumi has competed in an F1 car was in 2006 and he finished behind Alonso in what was then a hard fought battle. He effectively lost the championship that year in Japan when his engine blew up on him after exiting the pits just before reaching the bridge.

The statement from the team about Schumacher taking over Massa’s car read like this:

“Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro intends to put Michael Schumacher in Felipe Massa’s car until the Brazilian driver will be able to race again. Michael Schumacher said he is ready and over the next few days will undertake a specific training program at the end of which confirmation will be given of his participation in the championship with effect from the European Grand Prix on the 23rd of August.”


The only thing going against Schumacher right now is that he is 40 years old and has had no time in the car. But if history has taught us anything, it is that Schumacher can come to grips with just about any car he drives, and should instantly be able to make this car a winner based on his set up knowledge and his familiarity with many of the tracks – Valencia not being one of them though.

I hate to make predictions – or at least I hate to forget to make predictions – but based on what I know about Schumacher (his competitive spirit, that master car control and the specific knowledge he has) I would say that he is now a shoe in to win the world title… ok so that may be a stretch, but he should at least give the Prancing Horse a fighting chance. Here’s to Felipe getting better soon, but until he does, he knows he has the best F1 driver to ever strap in warming his seat for him.


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