F1 News for August 5th

            So this is kind of yesterdays news, but Nelson Piquet Jr. has been removed from the Renault F1 team. He has written a scathing letter telling all about how Flavio Briatore is the worst person he has ever encountered in his racing career. To read more from that letter – and it is very good and mean – follow this link.

            Also in the news is that Bernie has said the Canadian GP is going to be back on next year!! Hooray! However, the mayor of Montreal says he has no idea what Bernie is talking about. Oh great, so here goes Bernie spouting off at the mouth about how great something will be before it even officially happens. Now that Ecclestone has gotten everyone’s attention, he seems to be making it impossible for the mayor to turn down the offer or else the mayor will be to blame instead of the culprit who ended the contract and is charging way too much in the first place; Bernie Ecclestone. I hope the mayor sticks it to him and tells him to lower his price or get the hell out of his face. I realize that won’t happen, but it would be nice to see someone tell Bernie off just once.

            And with the BMW Sauber team giving up the ghost after this season, it seems as thought Nelson Piquet is thinking about taking over the team. If this happens, it will undoubtedly mean a new drive for his kid, but I don’t know if I would want my three time world champion father looking over my shoulder all the time. It could turn out great, but it could also backfire if Piquet tells Jr. too many things and they start to have an intra-family squabble. Only time will tell on this.

            Also, I realize that I am two weeks behind on my Top Gear reviews, but since it is now off the air for another couple of months, I will get to it when I can.


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