The party is over, everyone can go home now.

Well, my euphoria is now over. After a much hyped return to F1, Michael Schumacher has said no. Boy oh boy, does this ever sound like some quarterback from Mississippi…

Anyway, I am not pleased. Granted, I didn’t shell out a bunch of money to buy a ticket to a race or anything, but with Michael back in the picture, the season would have been much more exciting. It looks like Luca Badoer, the normal Ferrari test driver, is going to be in the cockpit for the rest of the season. And as much as it is a great thing for him, personally, I could care less. And this brings me to why I really hate motorcycles. Not only are they loud and obnoxious on so many levels (pocket rockets, Harleys, scooters) they are dangerous and usually driven by complete asshats (pocket rockets), old, fat badasses with long ugly hair and headbands and leather (Harleys) or little fairies in business suits (scooters). And then, when you fall off of one, you are either seriously injured or dead, that’s it. In this case, Schumacher was testing out for a motorcycle grand prix back in February when he fell off his bike and fractured his neck and head area. So now, more than six months on, he can not make his glorious return to the Formula One stage because of some stupid donorcycle. First off, he is an idiot for riding that thing (here’s a tip; stick to four wheels and you’ll be fine. All you ever did on four wheels was break your leg and win seven World Titles!) Secondly, he is an idiot for making this all public and then going back on his word. If he wanted to really ramp up anticipation without making it known whether or not he would be back in the seat, he should have tested under the radar (as much as possible) with the rented car and only made it public if, and when, he was totally committed. Like I mentioned earlier, this reeks of Favreitis. Yes, no, yes, no….no. I don’t mind that he tried, but to make it seem like it’s a sure thing and get everyone’s hopes up is not the way to do business. Not only has the collective breath of anticipation from the Formula One community gone out all at once – in fact, I thought I felt a healthy breeze this morning for some reason – but the whole season is back to a Vettel vs. Webber vs. Button race that will still be exciting, but no where near as exciting as with Schumi in the mix. Oh well. The race at the horrible Valencia track takes place in a little more than a week and a half. Stay tuned…I guess…if you want to. Ugh.


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