Race 12: Belgian Grand Prix

So, who saw that one coming? I’m guessing just about no one. But, Spa is a magical place, and anything can, and did, happen. Plus, there wasn’t even any rain and it was still an amazing result. The real fireworks started on Saturday in qualifying, where Giancarlo Fisichella took pole position in his Force India Mercedes. Next to him was another Italian in Jarno Trulli with his Toyota, and finally Nick Heidfeld in the BMW Sauber in third. It really was quite the scene. The race started off just as I had predicted too. It always seems like Kimi can make up at least two spots from his grid position with the KERS system and this race didn’t disappoint. In fact, it was even better than that. Thanks to Rubens Barrichello semi-stalling on the grid, Kimi made a charge around him and to the outside of the La Source hairpin. From there, he continued on to the runoff area and took the widest line I have ever seen for that corner. Then, he seemed to hit the afterburners because he ended up in second place down the Kemmel Straight after starting in sixth! And then, at the end of the straight, all kinds of stuff happened as Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and a slew of others ended up in a big kerfuffle. That brought out the safety car and gave Kimi the only shot that he would get to pass the Force India of Fisi.

            On the restart, Kimi used the KERS to give him the speed he needed to get around the Force India. Once there, Kimi never looked back and led the race for the rest of the way. In fact, afterward, Fisi noted that he was faster than Kimi and was disappointed to have not won the race outright. Whatever the case, it seems that the Iceman was in top form on a track that he really seems to shine on. So the final results of the race were Raikkonen, Fisichella and Vettel on the podium. The rest of the runners in the points were Kubica, Heidfeld, Kovalainen, Barrichello and Rosberg.

            So, how did my predictions go? Not too badly, considering that nobody foresaw the Force India up that far. This is what I said on Friday:


So for Sunday, I have Vettel leading home Hamilton, with Kimi in third and Webber in fourth. The rest of the points scorers will be Glock, Rosberg, Barrichello and Alonso. And since I would like to give myself somewhat better odds at getting some correct, I will say no particular order for those last guys.


All you need to do is switch around Kimi and Vettel and I was right on. I also had Rosberg and Barrichello scoring points. Overall, just about 50% right…well, at least that’s how I’m seeing it. And in the Driver’s Championship standings, with Webber finishing out of the points and both Rubens and Vettel not scoring significant points, Jenson Button is still leading the championship by 16 over Rubens and 19 over Vettel. If Button really wants to put this thing away, he needs to dominate the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in two weeks. If he can do that, he can get back on track to winning his first world title. If not, then it will be another close battle that will probably come down to a track that no one has raced on before in Abu Dhabi to end the season. Whatever the case, this is still much better than the stupid medals that Bernie still wants because this thing would really be over with. But it isn’t and that’s the main thing. There will be much more news to happen before Monza I’m sure (probably regarding who will take over for Luca Badoer) and I will try to have it all up here as quickly as possible.


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