Fisi to Ferrari

Two Formula One updates in one day? Have I gone crazy? Not really. I posted the silly season page a couple of hours ago and now it has come out that Giancarlo Fisichella will be driving a Ferrari F1 car starting immediately. He was released from his Force India contract and has already been test fitted for his seat in the cockpit. The Roman is understandably excited as he is now realizing his boyhood dream of being a driver for the Scuderia at his home grand prix as well. The next race in Monza should be something special and I look for Ferrari to take the reigns off their car and just let it run as fast as it can. We already know that the car has the speed – Luca Badoer was the fastest car in Belgium by quite some margin – and they will have extra incentive knowing that Kimi has made the car a winner already. Could we see a Ferrari one-two in a week and half? Probably not, but it would be a great result. Here is the link to the article.


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