“Crash-Gate” getting more complicated

A few things to write about before the predictions tomorrow. First off, there has been a lot of talk in the F1 world about the Singapore Grand Prix from last season. In it, Fernando Alonso came up to win the race because of a safety car period brought on by Nelson Piquet Jr. crashing out. He is claiming that the team asked him to crash for the benefit of Alonso. Of course, the team is denying it, but the FIA is going to be looking into it and Jr. is sticking to his guns. Felipe Massa even questioned Flavio Briatore, Renault F1 managing director, about the crash after the race. He claims it was fishy and still thinks something was up.

In the wake of these “Crash-Gate” allegations (why is everything gate now?) it is now coming out that there seems to have been a meeting between Briatore, Jr., and director of engineering for Renault Pat Symonds. Jr. is claiming that the Flavinator even told him which corner to crash at so that it would require a safety car period. However, Symonds is saying that the whole thing was Jr.’s idea. This is undoubtedly a major case of he-said, she-said and whether or not the whole truth actually comes out has yet to be determined. A hearing is set in front of the World Motor Sport Council in Paris on September 21st. If this is true, Bernie “I’m getting a pay raise in this global recession” Ecclestone has said that major penalties will be enforced for both parties. What these penalties are remains to be seen, but I wouldn’t doubt it would be exclusion from racing or points taken away or a huge lump sum of the green – or whatever color it is over there – that Bernie loves so dearly. We will all have to just wait and see though, but this should be an interesting week of accusations and name calling. There always seems to be something going on in the world of F1, and this is only the latest I’m sure.


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