Preview for the Italian Grand Prix

So, we are back with Formula One for this weekend and there are a lot of stories up and down the paddock, with most of them centering squarely on the Renault F1 team and the accusation of their former driver Nelson Piquet Jr. of him being made to crash on purpose during last years Singapore GP. That aside, today was the first day of practice on the Monza circuit and leading the way was none other than…Adrian Sutil? WTF is going on around here. Listen, I know that this season has been all over the map, but seriously this is getting a little out of hand. The leader board this week is almost a complete 180 from what it was at the beginning of the year! You have the Force India team looking very racy while at the very bottom of the group are both the Red Bulls of Webber and Vettel and the Brawns of Button and Barrichello! I don’t know what to do with these predictions today. But I will try anyway.

Of course, most people know that Friday practice is reserved for the drivers to get all of their setups correct and find out which tires are the ones to run for the majority of the race because there is no in-season testing. I do think the Force India cars are fast, but the Renault team is right behind them and the McLarens look good as well. I am going to put this out there though. This week is a special week for those Italians in the race. I will therefore say that the final points paying positions will look like this. Fernando Alonso followed by Kimi Raikkonen and Jarno Trulli. That is a bold prediction but I have a reason for it. First off, amid all of this “Crash-Gate” stuff, the Renault team needs a good result. This will solidify them before they are found guilty and have to give it all up again. Kimi I place up there because it’s Monza and he drives a Ferrari. Nuff said. Jarno is my wild card. I would love for him to come in a respectable position because the Toyota team needs it and he is also Italian. Fourth through eighth I have looking like this then. Fisichella in his Ferrari debut just misses the podium, Vettel, Barrichello, Hamilton and Button bring home the rest of the points. I swear though, this is going to be a weird race if the Brawns and the Red Bulls can’t figure something out because then I will be completely wrong, and that never looks good.

The results of this race will have to wait for awhile though because I will be on vacation (hopefully at Monza if all goes well, though not for the race) and so this blog will sit dormant for a couple of days. Here’s hoping for a great race.


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