Singapore Grand Prix Recap

The Singapore Grand Prix is over, and this time, with less controversy…at least I think so. The race was a fairly boring affair as Lewis Hamilton took the checkered flag from pole without having much competition because the other drivers behind him screwed themselves out of podium positions.

At the start, it was found that the best place to be was at the front, because as soon as the cars rocketed off the line, a cloud of dust flew into the air and made visibility and traction hard to come by. Sebastian Vettel made a poor start when he couldn’t afford it and allowed Nico Rosberg past and into second position. Vettel didn’t need that to happen because he was the lightest car in the field and had a very good shot at winning if he could just keep up with Lewis. Of course, Vettel got his chance later in the race when Nico Rosberg came in for his first pit stop. Upon completing the stop, he flew out of the pits much too quickly and drove, unintentionally and inexplicably, over the “do not cross” white line. For this, he had to serve a drive-through penalty and his bid for a podium was effectively finished. So now all Vettel needed to do was to keep the pressure on Lewis and make sure that his pit stop was faster. And it turns out that his stop was faster, but not because of his pit crew, but because he was found to be speeding in the pit lane. So he too had to serve a drive-through penalty and it ruined his chances of seeing any of the steps on the podium as well.

In the end, the finishing order was Hamilton, Timo Glock (a true surprise), Fernando Alonso, Vettel, Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello, Hekki Kovalainen and Robert Kubica. And how close was I? Well I shuffled my podium around at the last minute to be Vettel, Alonso, Button, and I came close on the Alonso call and would have been even closer on the Vettel call if not for his blunder. As for points scorers, I didn’t do so hot, but whatever. There’s always the next race, which just so happens to be the Suzuka circuit in Japan next week already.

As for the Championship race, it is still Button ahead of Barrichello, but the gap is down to 15 points, while Jenson is still 25 ahead of Vettel. If Button can outscore his teammate by 5 points this next weekend, he will be the World Champion. And you know what? I think it might happen.


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