Round 15: Japanese Grand Prix

Well my hope was misplaced because, once again when I needed them to, the Brawn’s underperformed horribly. Of course, this race was decided on Saturday when so many cars ran wide at Degner and went into the barriers. This resulted in no less than two red flags, with the third coming because of Timo Glock crashing coming onto the front straight. The main cause of all sorts of problems with grid positions was the crashing of Sebastian Buemi coming out of the Spoon Curve. When he hit the wall, he spread debris all over the track, and on the fastest part as well. This meant that all the drivers on a hot lap sped through his debris and all received five grid-spot penalties. This affected Rubens Barrichello, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Adrian Sutil and Buemi himself. The real star of the weekend though was Sebastian Vettel. He almost had the grand slam of pole, race win and fastest lap, but Mark Webber snatched that away with only a few laps left. The finishing order was Vettel, Jarno Trulli, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Nico Rosberg, Nick Heidfeld, Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button. This means that both championships are still alive for the Brawn and Red Bull teams (with the exception of Mark Webber for the driver’s championship), with Button ahead of Barrichello by 14 points and Vettel by 16. So now the fight moves on to Brazil in two weeks time, and I’m not going to predict that Button will win the title any longer…unless he is devastatingly quick in both practice sessions on Friday.

So how did I do then with my picks? Well, I didn’t too horribly, because I had many of the points scorers correct, but I didn’t have any of the positions down. I had Button winning from Hamilton and Vettel and I came close there. I also had Raikkonen, Rosberg and Barrichello in the points, and with Button scoring, I ended up having six of the eight drivers score points. That’s not horrible in my book.

As a side note, how fast has this season gone by already? Man, it hardly seems like we’ve started and there are only two races left. Personally, it’s hard to believe, but I’m sure that next season will come very quickly indeed and that is a good thing.


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