More Driver News: Kubica to Renault

There have been more driver shake-ups in the Formula One paddock today. It was announced that Robert Kubica will join the Renault F1 team. Kubica was known to be on the move because BMW Sauber is dropping out of the sport next year. Kubica then made it known that he would immediately be available for a race seat and the French team was one of the big time teams to really start to move toward securing him. This fills one vacant seat, but the interesting thing is that Renault have not decided who their other driver will be. It is being speculated that Romain Grosjean will be ousted by the team for not performing as well as he should be. This sounds an awful lot like Piquet Jrs situation and it is sad to hear because if this is true, Grosjean will not get the chance to really see what he can do with the car. I don’t know too much about him, but I do know that coming in as a rookie without testing the car at all and not seeing many of the tracks can be a difficult learning curve. I think that if he would be able to test the car and get to grips with it, he could probably do better, but that only happens if the team invests in him, and they may not want to do that. Because of this, it is also being speculated that Nick Heidfeld could become Kubica’s teammate once again. Whether or not that happens may be a shot in the dark, but it would be a way to fill both cars with experienced drivers if the team is not willing to develop a new driver.

Other drivers that still don’t have a race seat include Kimi Raikkonen (whose manager is apparently calling all over the place to find him a race seat), Jarno Trulli (who has a test with a NASCAR team coming up in a few weeks), and Heikki Kovalainen (who I have not heard much about). While many of the current seats are up in the air still, these drivers may even have to resort to trying and getting a drive with the new teams coming in. Much still remains to be seen and this topic is just heating up still.


One response to “More Driver News: Kubica to Renault

  1. Really happy for Kubica, I’ll be expecting big things from him next season!

    Nice blog by the way


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