Felipe’s Accusation and Yas Marina

Felipe Massa is back in the news this week because he is now saying that he knows for certain that Fernando Alonso had to have known about the incident that went down in Singapore last year before the race even started. I have already detailed that Felipe and Fernando are not the best of friends in normal circumstances, but I really hope the team does not implode with these two guys in the cockpits because of Felipe’s new outburst. He is implying that Fernando had prior knowledge of the incident and that he was completely involved somehow. While I may not believe this is true, it is hard to think that the team’s number one driver could not have known about this thing. We all know what happened so I’m not going to rehash, but I really think that, regardless of what Felipe thinks, he should really keep his mouth shut a little tighter. I want the team to do well next year, not implode because they have two very competitive drivers and the Brazilian one thinks the Spanish one is out to get him.

Also, I found this clip of the new Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi on another site and thought I would share it here. It shows Formula One hopeful Bruno Senna piloting a two seater car around the new track. This is the first time I have seen the track and it looks like it might produce some exciting racing because it is smooth, wide and has some overtaking opportunities. Of course, all will be revealed in another couple of weeks.


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