Brazilian Grand Prix Predictions

Fernando Alonso has set the early pace this weekend, but both the Brawns and the Red Bulls are looking very strong. Most people are probably like me in assuming that the Brawns and the Red Bulls will be vying for pole position this weekend. I like Barrichello, in front of his home crowd, for both the pole and the victory, but I like Button to be on second. This will secure both of the championships for the team and I think it would be a fitting end to this season (and yes, I know there is still a race after this, but c’mon, who would really care other than to see the new track?). For third place I like Mark Webber with the following drivers in the points: Hamilton, Vettel, Trulli, Alonso and Raikkonen. Of course all of this changes if the light showers they experienced in both practice sessions continues tomorrow and on Sunday, but we will see. Those are my predictions for this race. Now I just need Jenson to see them and perform as well as he was earlier this season.


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