USF1 driver update and KERS standarization?

Updates for Formula One are slightly few and far between (at least for the stuff that I want to cover) but there is still some speculation about the new USF1 team. Bernie is constantly making claims that one or more of the new teams won’t make it onto the grid next season, and many people take that to mean the USF1 team. I can see where they are coming from, because the team is based in North Carolina and, supposedly, the employees are paid on a month my month basis. Also, the driver that was closest to getting a full time race seat for the squad, Alexander Wurz, has pulled out from the running. But both Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson are adamant that they have all the pieces in place and that they are just putting them together. The FIA has seen the work space for the team and has come away impressed and they even have a new driver in mind for their car. That person is Kyle Busch. I do not normally watch NASCAR if I can help it, so I know very little about Kyle. From what I have read – which is very little – he is 24 and is very good at turning left. Regardless of that though, I would be skeptical to see how well he can get on in a full on F1 car. For what its worth, not even the winningest rally driver ever, Sebastian Loeb, was quick enough for the FIA to grant him a super license to drive an F1 car, and I think that rally drivers are much more skilled than NASCAR drivers. I think they are more skilled than many F1 drivers too, but that may be because they risk their lives driving next to huge cliffs and on narrow, tree lined roads at over 100 mph. Whatever the outcome of this, at least Kyle is sort of young enough to maybe, kinda learn how to drive an open-wheeled car. I’m sure we will all know more as the time draws closer to the season opener in Melbourne next season.

Also, it seems as though the saying for next season should be “KERS is dead; long live KERS.” This is because, even though KERS is being taken off the cars for next season (because it sucked and didn’t really do anything and led to higher costs), it seems like the FIA is trying to push for it to be standardized in 2011. This seems foolish to me because they must have seen the problems it caused for teams who ran, or tried to run it. Oh yeah, before I forget, which team running KERS won the title? None. Zero. The two remaining teams who have KERS systems on the cars are currently battling it out for third place in the constructor’s title, and are not even close to the title winners at Brawn. It is true that McLaren did make extraordinary strides this season, but that is mostly down to aerodynamic changes, and not the KERS system. This “green” technology that is KERS should be saved for road cars and not be anywhere near a Formula One car. I say leave it behind and never speak of it again.


One response to “USF1 driver update and KERS standarization?

  1. This reads well. Would you ever consider guest posting on one of my blogs? Nicely done, Steven.

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